Product Scanner
Co-developed with Kolding, Randers, Thisted, Viborg, Fredericia and Nordfyn

Activate digital sorting instructions

Solution: recycling without confusion

TheNewSort solution enables citizens and consumers to sort used packaging correctly, no matter in which municipality they are located.

The citizen receives accurate and easy to understand sorting instructions by scanning the barcode on a packaging with a smartphone app.

Status of the Product Scanner
Approval of sufficient producer data

We are in a continuous dialogue with brands, retailers, national organisations and data-providers to secure official data directly from the packaging-producers to ensure correct sorting instructions.

With the upcoming Extended producer responsibility (EPR) and a strong pull from sustainability-conscious consumers, we aim to reactivate PictoScan as soon as we can assure a high success rate of scanned products.

PILOT test
Scanning functionality tested for 6 weeks with over 10.000 Users

After 1 1/2 years of preparation, TheNewSort's solution to improve waste sorting was ready to be tested in a pilot project with six Danish municipalities: Fredericia, Kolding, Nordfyn, Rander, Thisted and Revas (Viborg Municipality), together with Orkla Denmark who included official product-data of their brands.

The functionality was included in the existing Apps for waste-services in the municipalities, which are used by many citizens.

During the pilot test, technical aspects and user friendliness of the service have been tested between the 15th of August until the 30th of September 2022.

The project was funded by Innovationsfonden and supported by CIRKULÆR (former Dansk Affaldsforening) and Miljøstyrelsen, who secured the correct use of the new Waste-Pictogram system and application of national guidelines for waste sorting.

Download the report (pdf)