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Products & packaging

Groceries are an important part of our everyday life. We like to buy products that taste good and look appealing. A high variety of packaging materials are used to keep each product fresh and safe, protect it during transportation and storage, and make it stand out amongst its competitors on the shelf. At the end of the product-use, the packaging no longer serves a purpose for the consumer, but the material of the packaging still has value.

Each product that is sold in a supermarket is identified by a unique barcode. This barcode holds detailed information from the producer and can be connected to additional information about the product and the packaging.

Correct sorting

Most citizens actively sort different materials, product-packagings or leftovers into multiple fractions. This is a very important activity that contributes to a more sustainable society and a circular economy.

Unfortunately, correct sorting is a difficult task. Two reasons that make sorting for a consumer even more difficult are regional waste-handling processes that are connected to different sorting-guidelines and the challenge to correctly identify a specific material.

These and many more factors often result in wrong sorting and thereby in a decrease of value and recyclability of a whole waste-stream.

Transparent information = sustainable action

TheNewSort provides a common solution that makes correct sorting fast and simple, supports behavior with a positive impact and thereby contributes to a more sustainable future.

We believe that all of our actions demand transparent information and correct interpretation. We value each individual action and try to improve the impact of correct sorting by breaking down complexity and bridging over information gaps. We aim to provide clear and correct sorting instructions for everybody everywhere in Denmark and make “recycling without confusion” our reality.